Resource Capital Funds


Resource Capital Funds (RCF) is a “mining-focused private equity firm” with offices in Denver, Perth, Toronto, and Long Island. Its website shows that it invests in a variety of mining companies around the world, including coal, uranium, copper, gold, and more. According to Bloomberg News, it specializes in “buyouts, development capital, rollup, and distress situations.”  

RCF is listed as a member of the National Mining Association, which has led efforts by the coal industry to lobby against rules to reduce carbon pollution, regulations to protect mine workers from coal dust, and other coal industry priorities. Resource Capital Funds boosted its involvement with coal export proposals in November 2014 by taking control of Ambre Energy's coal mines and export proposals.


Resource Capital Funds is pushing controversial coal export proposals that would disrupt communities in the Pacific Northwest, fuel climate change and air pollution, and interfere with tribal fishing rights on the Columbia River. 

Resource Capital Funds is a private equity fund with offices in Denver, New York, Canada, and Australia - though it is registered in the Cayman Islands for tax purposes. The company has played a quiet but important role in the coal industry's efforts to export coal to Asia bybankrolling Ambre Energy, the company behind the Millennium Bulk and Morrow Pacific coal export proposals in Oregon and Washington. But while some investors like Goldman Sachs have dropped their support of coal exports amid a declining global coal market and widespread community opposition, Resource Capital Funds has done just the opposite - in November 2014, it boosted its involvement by taking control of Ambre Energy's coal mines and export proposals. That's why thousands of people are calling on Resource Capital Funds to drop its investment in coal exports.

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