Rebekah Mercer

"First lady of the alt-right"
President, Mercer Family Foundation

Rebekah “Bekah” Mercer is the 42-year-old daughter of New York hedge-fund manager Robert “Bob” Mercer. Bob Mercer is the CEO of Renaissance Technologies, one of the most profitable hedge funds in the U.S.

Bekah Mercer attended both Cornell and Stanford, majoring in biology and math. She graduated in 1996. She also got an M.A. in operations research.

Bekah Mercer has worked at Renaissance Technologies, and owns a gourmet cookie company: Ruby et Violette, with her sister.

In 2003, she married Frenchman Sylvain Mirochkinoff, a managing director of Morgan Stanley, with whom she had four children. She is currently divorcing Mirochkinoff.  

Since at least 2008, Rebekah Mercer has controlled the family’s political portfolio, including the Mercer Family Foundation.

Bekah Mercer sits on the board of multiple groups funded by her family foundation.


Ruby et Violette

Board MembeR

Media Research Center

Moving Picture Institute

Mercer Family Foundation

Calvin Coolidge Presidential Forum

American Museum of Natural History

Heritage Foundation

Reclaim New york


Rebekah Mercer controls the Mercer Family Foundation, which had an annual budget of $24.5 million in 2015.At least $34.6 million conservative nonprofits.

The Mercer family has spent at least $39 million on political candidates and committees since the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.


Bekah Mercer and Trump

Rebekah Mercer was a prominent member of the Trump transition team.

Rebekah Mercer lives in a Trump owned building on the Upper West Side.

Rebekah Mercer oversaw a pro-Trump political action committee, “Make America Number 1” which poured millions of dollars into advertising during the run-up to the election. The super PAC is closely aligned with the group Citizens United, and was run by David Bossie, a longtime Mercer advisor and president of Citizens United. Mercer took over the day-to-day operation of the PAC when Bossie left to become Deputy Campaign Manager of the Trump campaign. The Mercers put over $13.5 million into the PAC.

Kellyanne Conway, considered a confidante of the Mercers, worked for the super PAC that later became Make America Number 1. It has been reported that the Trump campaign hired Conway at Rebekah Mercer’s insistence.

The Mercers are key investors in Cambridge Analytica, a data and analytics company. The Trump campaign hired Cambridge Analytica, allegedly at Rebekah Mercer’s insistence. Cambridge Analytica shares a New York address with Reclaim New York, a group chaired by Mercer. Steve Bannon was a board member of Cambridge Analytica and Reclaim New York. The Mercer family has invested $10 million dollars in Breitbart News. Bekah Mercer continues to play a key role in the website, editing and commenting on content.

According to Jane Mayer of the New Yorker, Breitbart “played a key role in undermining Hillary Clinton; by tracking which negative stories about her got the most clicks and “likes,” the editors helped identify which story lines and phrases were the most potent weapons against her. Breitbart News has been a remarkable success: according to ComScore, a company that measures online traffic, the site attracted 19.2 million unique visitors in October.”

While the Mercers were buying large chunks of Breitbart, the site was run by Steve Bannon. Bannon is now a key advisor to Donald Trump. Rebekah Mercer and Steve Bannon have continued a close relationship, appearing together at CPAC in 2017.

During the Republican convention, Bannon and Breitbart’s Washington political editor, Matt Boyle, were listed as invited guests of Mercer in a private donor suite, according to a document published by Bloomberg Politics.

Bekah Mercer is also a major funder and board member of the Government Accountability Institute, a group founded by Bannon. The group was behind the book "Clinton Cash," which was turned into a film produced by Mercer and Bannon.

During a pre-Inauguration party hosted by the Mercers Donald Trump specifically thanked the family, saying that they had been “instrumental in bringing some organization” to his campaign.


Conflict of Interests

The Mercers might look for a resolution of a long-running tax dispute between Renaissance Technologies and the Internal Revenue Service. The tax agency is challenging a series of financial maneuvers that reduced Renaissance managers’ tax bills.

A 2014 Senate report estimated that the moves may have saved $6 billion or more.


Relationship with the Koch Brothers

The Mercers have given large sums to the network of groups funded by the oil and gas billionaire Koch Brothers, and have attended the secretive Koch political meetings

However, the Koch's are not as politically aggressive as Bekah Mercer prefers, and much more supportive of trade and immigration, said operatives and donors familiar with the Mercers’ involvement with the Kochs. They said Bekah Mercer also questioned the effectiveness of the spending orchestrated by the Kochs’ operatives and bristled at what she perceived as their unwillingness to heed her advice.


Funders of Climate Denial

The Mercers have given at least $22 million to groups that deny the science of climate change, according to a DeSmogBlog analysis.

The Mercer Foundation is one of the Heartland Institute’s largest funders, giving $4,988,000 to Heartland since 2005. Heartland is infamous for sponsoring climate denial conventions and ad campaigns that attack climate scientists.

The Mercer Foundation is also a crucial supporter of Arthur Robinson. Robinson runs the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. The group has collected thousands of urine samples in an effort to prolong human life, and denies the theory of evolution. They also published a widely debunked survey that purported to show that college graduates do not believe human action is impacting the climate.

The Mercers have given at least $1.25 million to the Institute. It has been reported that Bekah Mercer is pushing Trump to name Art Robinson as Scientific Advisor. The Mercer’s have also supported Art Robinson’s failed political career.


Mercer Ties to The Dakota Access Pipeline

Renaissance Technologies has purchased 1,378,431 shares ($51+ million) in Energy Transfer Partners since March 30th, 2016

The Hedge Fund also owns 444,600 shares in Sunoco Logistics ($12.6+ million)


Mercer Family Foundation Giving

Rebekah Mercer is listed as sole Director of the Mercer Family Foundation




Heartland Institute


American Natural History Museum


Media Research Center


Council for National Policy


George Bush Foundation


Illinois Policy Foundation


The StonyBrook Foundation


Barry Goldwater Foundation


World Science Festival


Manhattan Institute


American Association of Aerosol Research


Citizens United Foundation


Foundation for Cultural Reviewing


Center for Defense of free enterprise


Cherish Freedom Foundation


The Becket Fund


Reason Foundation


Heritage Foundation


Moving Pictures Institute


Calvin Coolidge Foundation


Texas Freedom Network


Empire Center for Public Policy


State policy Network


Job Creators Alliance


Government Accountability


The Federalist Society


National Youth Science Fund


Community Foundation of Hudson Valley


Classroom INC


Berkeley Earth (see Bloomberg)


Historical Royal Places


Patton Foundation


The Leadership Foundation


Encounter for Culture and Education


Cato Institute


King’s College


Success Academy Charter Schools


Gatestone Institute


Reclaim New York


John Hancock Committee


Wildlife Conservation Society