Philip Anschutz

The National Examiner, Union Pacific, other oil and gas investments

Anschutz is an oil and railroad investor from Colorado who has broadened his involvement in a range of industries. In 2002 Qwest Communications International was investigated by the SEC and Justice Department for questionable accounting.

Anschutz owns a number of companies, including Walden Media, the producers of the pro-charter film, "Waiting for Superman."




Anschutz donates to David Kochs' Americans for Prosperity PAC and has attended at least one of the Koch brothers' secret retreats. Anschutz is a frequent donor (usually through his family foundation) to corporate front groups and think tanks involved in climate denial, including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the Heritage Foundation, the Pacific Research Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, the Mercatus Center, America's Future Foundation, the Claremont Institute, DonorsTrust, the National Chamber Foundation and The Philanthropy Foundation.

He has also supported the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, which backs legislation designed to undermine unions and the Discovery Institute which promotes creationism as an acceptable "scientific" view, in public schools.