Bill Sydow

"I'm not a skeptic I'm a denier"
Director of Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Bill Sydow has worked for the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for 20 years.  He in the commercial oil industry for 18 years before, where his first job in the industry was designing hydraulic fracturing wells.



"[Oil] is the most benign of fluids transported in pipelines"

"I'm talking about climate change and global warming and I'm not a skeptic, I'm a denier. And so I'm talking to these two kids and they're like 'What are you talking about?' They have never heard another side to the issue.”

"Nebraska really brought that to a halt, due to environmental activists who scare people," Sydow said. "Unfortunately, a lot of people don't understand the properties of the earth at all."



Keystone XL Pipeline Ad Man

Bill Sydow was cited by a Nebraska Senator for inappropriate participation in Keystone XL pipeline ad funded by TranCanada. In the ad, Bill Sydow stands in front of an oil well and smiles into the camera. See the ad here

Climate Denial

Bill Sydow told regulators and oil industry lobbyists at the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Comission (IOGCC)that "I am not a skeptic I am a denier" of climate change.

Fracking Denial

“People have become fearful of hydraulic fracturing,” he said. “I feel it’s unfounded. It’s unwarranted.”

Sydow said the levels of contaminants in waste water from fracking were so low that a person’s body would be able to “handle” drinking it. He said he was not aware of any instances in which wastewater from fracking had contaminated drinking water.