Kristin Strohm


Kristin Strohm is the managing partner at Starboard Group, a PR and political fundraising firm she founded. Kristin Strohm worked for former Colorado politician Josh Penry in his run for State Senate in 2006. Penry and Strohm married in 2012, shortly after Penry's divorce from his wife, whom he had married in 1999.



Ties to the Koch Brothers

Kristin Strohm has successfully solicited major funding from the Kochs. While Strohm was the finance director for Mike Coffman’s congressional campaign, Coffman benefited from ads run by Americans for Prosperity supporting his campaign. Through Strohm, he also received the maximum possible donation allowed by law from David Koch. 

Starboard Group’s website boasts of working for the Koch Brothers' flagship front group, Americans for Prosperity. Strohm has also hired former Koch Interns to the Starboard Group. A former director of the Common Sense Policy Roundtable, a front group created by Strohm, attended the secretive 2010 Koch strategy meeting in Aspen.




Strohm and Starboard Group have been tied to a number of front groups that promote fracking. Strohm created and chairs the Common Sense Policy Roundtable, a coalition that promotes fracking and coordinates anti-regualtory PR campaigns.

The Colorado Jobs Alliance and The Common Sense Policy Roundtable Forum  were created by Starboard Group to oppose local control over shale drilling and fracking. Both groups also publicly support Vital for Colorado, another pro- drilling group tied to Strohm.