Josh Penry

Vice-President, EIS Solutions

Josh Penry is the Execucive Vice-President of EIS Solutions, a Colroado based PR company specializing in astroturf operations. Prior to EIS Solutions, Penry was a Colorado state politician, serving in the  House of Representative from 2004 to 2006, and as State Senator for 2006 to 2010. While a State Senator, Penry was  the republican minority leader. In 2010 Josh Penry ran unsuccessfully in the republican primary for Governor of Colorado. After his failed gubernatorial bid, Penry became campaign manager for Jane Norton's unsuccessful run for the US Senate.

Penry is also on record as a lobbyist for Resolution Copper Company in 2006.

Before Josh Penry's election to the Colorado House of Representatives in 2004, Penry was aide and chief of staff to then Congressman Scott Mcinnis, who he would later run against in the gubernatorial primary. While in DC, Penry was also appointed to staff director of the House Resources Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health.


"Mayor Hickenlooper is a geologist and he gives a great, 'Aw shucks' speech, but he was in Copenhagen with Hugo Chavez talking about climate change."

- Josh Penry in 2010   

“If climate change keeps you awake at night — it doesn’t me — but for those of you, if climate change keeps you awake at night, you’ll be glad to know that because of the increased role of natural gas-powered electricity in our society… carbon emissions in the United States are in decline,” 

- Josh Penry at a 2014 fracking debate



Fracking Front Groups

Josh Penry is a spokesperson for Vital For Colorado, a front group for the shale and fracking industry. Penry's current wife, Kristin Strohm, is on the board of Vital for Colorado, and works for a PR company called Starboard Group. Strohm also works with Common Sense Policy Roundtable, another industry funded pro-fracking group. 


Working for Oil, Gas and Mining Industries

Josh Penry is currently considered an oil and gas industry consultant and lobbyist. EIS Solutions works closely with the oil and gas industry, and has started a number of front groups to promote oil and gas extraction. 

EIS Solutions was caught faking signatures in favor of fracking during a 2013 referendum in Fort Collins, Colorado.

As an elected poltician, Penry passed a number of measures friendly to the shale industry in Colorado. Penry co-sponsored HB 1365, a bill meant to help Xcel Energy convert coal plants to gas. While working to pass the bill, Penry bragged that it would increase drilling in Colorado by 15%. He also claimed the bill was "a game changer forr the natural gas industry." Penry also claims to have played a leadership role in opposing regulation for the oil and gas industry and a labor bill.

OpenSecrets lists Josh Penry being paid over $225,000 by mining interests to lobby.


Climate Denial

Josh Penry has never aknowledged the causes of climate change. While he was Jane Norton's campaign manager, she signed the No Climate Tax pledge, a promise not to pass climate legislation created by Americans For Prosperity, a Koch brothers funded group that denies climate change science. Norton's official position on climate change was that it was up for "debate.

Josh Penry has downplayed climate change, saying it doesn't keep him up at night. He also criticized then candidate for Governor John Hickenloooper for attending a UN meeting on climate change, accusing him of being in "Copenhagan with Hugo Chavez talking about climate change." 


Ethics Complaints

The group Ethics Watch investigated complaints against Josh Penry's campaign for Governor. Penry's campaign manager was eventually found to have illegally downloaded email addresses