Heartland Institute Leaked Document Collection

On February 14, 2012, internal documents from the Chicago-based Heartland Institute were leaked to the public, including budget and fundraising documents revealing Heartland's financial donors, Heartland's climate science denial campaign work in 2012 and detailed payments to federal employees, university faculty and career climate skeptics.

PolluterWatch: Greenpeace Investigates Heartland Institute Leaked Documents -- click to see investigation and ongoing updates.

The Heartland Institute still claims that it's 2012 Climate Strategy memo is fake, contradicting Dr. Peter Gleick, the source of the Heartland Institute documents leak. Dr. Gleick claims that the 2012 Climate Strategy document was mailed to him, prompting his solicitation of more Heartland documents through an email pretending to be a Heartland board member.

This leak initiated an ongoing Greenpeace Investigation of the Heartland Institute leaked documents, which are posted in full below.

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