David Blackmon

Climate Change Denier, Frackng Industry PR Consultant

David Blackmon is a communications consultant for the oil and gas industry. He has held leadership positions in some of the largest and most aggressive oil and gas industry front groups.

Blackmon got his start at Burlington Resources, where he worked for 18 years and became their Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs. He has also had previous stops at companies like Tesoro Petroleum, Hughes Texas Petroleum Ltd, and Coastal States Oil and Gas Co. He was a manager for Shell E&P North America's internal and external communications, and Director of Government Affairs for EP Energy, LLC. (El Paso)

FTI Consulting

Blackmon joined FTI Consulting in 2012. FTI Consulating is a PR company known for creating aggessive front groups to defend their corporate clients.

Energy In Depth

David Blackmon is a field director for Energy In Depth, an front group run by FTI Consulting that attacks scientists, journalists, and outspoken critics of the shale industry.

Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA)

Blackmon is the Executive Director of CEA Texas. He also sits on the Board of Advisors for CEA, and was Secretary of the group in 2011. The Consumer Energy Alliance is a front group funded by corporations involved in the oil and gas industry. CEA uses it's oil and gas funding to opopse regualtion of the industry, and lobby for expanded drilling.

America's Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA)

From April 2010 through June 2012, David served as the Texas State Lead for America’s Natural Gas Alliance, where he played a key role in the passage of two major pieces of legislation during the 2011 session of the Texas Legislature, and handled all media relations and outreach activities. ANGA was created by Devon Energy and other fracking companies, and is now one the largest lobbying group dedicated to opposing regualtion on shale drilling and fracking.


Blackmon was registered as a lobbyist for El Paso in Texas from 2011 to at least 2013.

Contributor to Forbes

Writes for Forbes online.



Fracking is an “attention-grabbing boogeyman for all manner of nutcases, chicken littles and radicalized environmental organizations.”

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Climate Denial

David Blackmon has written that evidence for climate change is "vanishing." He calls people concerned with climate change "alarmists," and does not see a good reason to promote renewable energy.

Fracking Denial

Blackmon has said fracking has become an "attention-grabbing boogeyman for all manner of nutcases, chicken littles and radicalized environmental organizations."

Hired to Promote Fracking Regulations by Mithcell Energy

David Blackmon was hired by Mitchell Energy to promote fracking regualtions. He did not disclose that he was employed as a lobbyist for oil and gas companies at the time, or that he worked for various anti-regulatory front groups funded by the fracking industry to prevent regualtion.