Charles Koch University Funding Database

Data produced and maintained in conjunction with UnKoch My Campus.

Originally published as part of Greenpeace's 2014 report: KOCH POLLUTION ON CAMPUS: Academic Freedom Under Assault from Charles Koch's $50 million Campaign to Infiltrate Higher Education.

This interactive database allows users to find grant information between Koch private foundations and colleges and universities. Greenpeace found that from 2005-2013, the Koch brothers have spent over $68 million on 308 colleges and universities (updated from initial report finding of $50 million to 254 schools, 2005-2012). Data is sourced from 990 IRS tax filings provided by the Charles Koch Foundation, the Charles Koch Institute, the Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation, and the now-defunct Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation. 

Additional references below document Charles Koch's influence over the education process, as explained by professorsstudentsreporters and watchdogs.

Charles Koch Foundation vs. Academic Freedom:

Before, and since, Greenpeace's 2014 report documenting Charles Koch and Academic Freedom issues on Koch-funded campuses, commentary has amassed from students and professors on impacted campuses, in addition to analyses from reporters, bloggers and researchers.

Professors discuss Koch-University arrangements that break academic freedom guidelines:

Students on Charles Koch grants violating academic freedom principles:

Florida State University (FSU):

George Mason University (GMU):

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Ohio State University (OSU):

Penn State University (PSU):

Suffolk University:

University of Dayton (UD):

University of Maryland, College Park (UMd):

University of Pennsylvannia (U-Penn):

Utah State University (USU):

Media reports documenting Charles Koch's disregard for academic freedom:

Multiple-campus Focus:

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Catholic University of America (CUA):

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Hope College:

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Suffolk University:

University of Arizona (UA):

University of Louisville (U of L):

University of Maryland, College Mark (UMd):

Utah State University (USU):

West Virginia University (WVU):

Nonprofit & Watchdog Analyses of Koch Threats to Academic Freedom on Campus:

PolluterWatch profile: Charles Koch

SourceWatch has more information on Koch money at Universities and Academic Freedom implications.