The Cato Institute, a subsidiary of Koch Industries

  • Posted on: 20 March 2012
  • By: JesseColeman

Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries are currently using their shareholder ownership of the Cato Institute to take full control of the libertarian think tank. The Cato Institute leadership and staff who are not loyal to the Kochs have pushed back against growing Koch influence and are now engaged in a high-profile public relations battle with Koch Industries after Charles and David Koch filed a lawsuit against Cato. Both Charles Koch and David Koch have released statements on the controversy, as has Cato Institute chairman Bob Levy.

While the Cato Institute's current leadership apparently don't appreciate bowing to the Koch brothers, Cato has historically been an instrumental pawn in the Koch-funded Climate Denial Machine. With the threat of total Koch control over Cato, Cato will have no more intellectual authority than Americans for Prosperity, Koch's flagship front group.

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