Student Activists take on Climate Criminals David and Charles Koch

  • Posted on: 8 April 2010
  • By: admin

Koch Industries got a fun wake up call last Tuesday when a global chorus of journalists including The New York Times, UK Guardian, Scientific American, picked up the release of a full-scale exposé on their multi-million dollar climate denial activities. The Kochs responded with a thin PR wall of denial and within a couple of days, they thought the media furor had died down enough for them to go back to funneling money to front groups and bogus research unwatched.

What the Kochs didn’t count on was a full-scale grassroots mobilization to bring them into a still harsher light of public scrutiny from the Greenpeace Student Network. Campus activists around the country put their attention on brothers Charles and David Koch and the outcome was clear:

Climate criminals like the Kochs are the reason that our campuses, our communities, and indeed our entire nation are caught in a cycle of dirty politics and a dependence on dirty energy.

When students around the country from North Carolina & Virginia to Colorado & Florida rallied to challenge the Kochs, they were staking their claim on the future – our generation will not quietly accept the climate chaos that people like Charles and David Koch are leaving us.

To see more of the action from last week’s student work to expose the Kochs and other climate criminals, check out the Student Network page. You can peruse our flickr and get connected with youth activists around the country working to expose polluters and promote solutions.