The Real Washington Elites

  • Posted on: 18 February 2010
  • By: admin

The term “Washington Elites” gets used a lot, often in vague terms by right-wing politicians to stoke popular anger. Ever want to know… who are these “Washington Elites?” A recent story by The Hill Newspaper starts to dial in the reality for the rest of us.

The real “Washington Elites” are big corporate influence peddlers, many of whom used to “serve” us in government while we paid them to prepare for a career in being another lobbyist.

When Americans are dropping out of the middle class into homelessness, using food stamps and standing in lines at food banks, there is a flourishing, $3-4 billion a year industry that is growing – at the nation’s expense.

Most of these influence peddlers used to be paid by our tax money to “serve” us in government positions that serve as launching pads for big-money influence peddling. The Hill documents that while people across the country are struggling to make ends meet, these lobbyists’ starting salaries are in the millions of dollars. Think about that.

America desperately needs the stable jobs that can pay decently and can be accessed by workers with a range of backgrounds and skill levels: solar, wind, energy efficiency retrofits.

But the dirty industry lobbyists are paid to stop that from happening. Their lifestyles, the fat bonuses, $30 lunches, boats, mistresses, beach houses, all depend on stopping the progress that the rest of us need. That’s what they willingly, eagerly get paid to do.

That’s who the Washington Elites really are. They are a class of dirty industry lobbyists that make their living sucking the policy lifeblood out of this country. They hurt America, and what they do is wrong. That’s why Polluter Watch exists: to expose these influence peddlers to even just a little accountability.