PolluterWatch 'Dirty Air Act' Ads Coming to a Google Search Near You

  • Posted on: 21 January 2010
  • By: admin

This morning PolluterWatch launched two new Google ads aimed at educating Americans about the Lisa Murkowki's relationship with Bush cronies and polluter lobbyists Jeffrey Holmstead and Roger Martella. The ads highlight Holmstead and Martella's near-admission that they wrote the legislation for Murkowski (before they backpedaled) and the curiously timed donations made by two of Holmstead's polluter clients to Murkowski's campaign fund in the midst of the amendment's preparation.

PolluterWatch was founded to shed light on the dirty industry propagandists and influence peddlers who are using every trick in the book to stand in the way of efforts to fight global warming, develop new clean energy technologies and create sustainable American jobs. As long as Murkowski, Holmstead, Martella, and other polluter hacks continue to endanger our clean energy future we will continue to educate Americans about their methods and their "corporate sponsored" motivations.

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