PolluterHarmony: Rex's Story

  • Posted on: 25 March 2010
  • By: admin

Polluter Harmony Ad: Rex's Story

PolluterWatch unveiled the next installment in the PolluterHarmony web ad series today. The second ad in the series shares the story of an oil CEO named Rex, who despite a long history of relationships with foreign oil providers, has turned to pHarmony for something a little closer to home.

Unfortunately, Rex quickly learns what many oil barons before him already know. As long as the United States remains addicted to oil, we will never declare independence from foreign fossil fuels. Despite the misleading rhetoric of oil companies and politicians, we will never "drill baby drill" our way to energy independence.

Exxon on US energy independence:

"I think that the notion in the United States of energy independence, which was first proposed in the Nixon administration was a poor concept 30 years ago and it is a poor concept today,"

Lee Raymond, former Exxon CEO quoted in Financial Times, Exxon chief hits at energy debate, September 17, 2004