Exxon Continues to Bankroll the Denial Machine

  • Posted on: 12 February 2010
  • By: admin

Exxon Mobil used to say that it stopped funding fringe groups and "unthinking tanks" that denied the overwhelming evidence behind global warming and pushed out thousands of non-credible, non-sourced, industry-funded and unscientific research to raise doubts about climate change.

But whoops! New evidence has appeared that Exxon is in fact dumping money into these "research institutes."

The Independent reports that "anti-climate change think-tanks such as the Atlas Economic Research Foundation in the US and the International Policy Network in the UK have received grants totaling hundreds of thousands of pounds from the multinational energy company ExxonMobil."

So, what say you, Exxon?

Kate Sheppard reports:

ExxonMobil's response? "We have the same concerns as people everywhere—and that is how to provide the world with the energy it needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions," the company said in a statement to the Independent. Yes, ExxonMobil, the fossil fuel-giant, is just like "people everywhere."

Yep, I'm sure people everywhere made a $19.3 billion profit last year.

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