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"Anti-Greta" Naomi Seibt Marched with Neo-Nazis and Promotes White Nationalists

  • Posted on: 10 March 2020
  • By: Connor Gibson

Photo credit: @antifalinkems, via wiedertaeufer.ms

Greenpeace USA's Valentina Stackl assisted with editing and German translation for this article.

Over the last week, The Heartland Institute – an infamous climate denial think tank - has been rolled with not one, but two scandals.

HuffPost's Alexander Kaufman revealed that the Heartland Institute laid off more than half of its staff, who accuse Heartland leadership of financial mismanagement.


Patrick Moore vs. Patrick Moore on Climate Change

  • Posted on: 12 March 2019
  • By: Connor Gibson

Patrick Moore endorses tar sands open pit mining, "as an ecologist." From The Heartland Institute's 2014 International Conference on Climate Change. Image uses two screenshots from video on YouTube.

Patrick Moore has been in the news recently, trashing the Green New Deal and allowing a wide variety of conservative media outlets to imply that Greenpeace is criticizing the proposed policy.