Alliance for America

Alliance for America (AFA) is one of the largest anti-environmental groups to come out of the wise-use movement. AFA was concerned with a broad base of wise-use issues, such as property-rights, the endangered species act, public land use, and they opposed almost any regulations to come out of the EPA. Their funding came from a variety of trade associations, such as the American Petroleum Institute, American Farm Bureau Federation, the American Pulpwood Association, American Mining Congress, and more.

The Alliance for America became one of the largest anti-environmental groups due to their multi-faceted member engagement. The AFA held a yearly conference in Washington, DC, the Fly-In for Freedom, which attracted attendees from all over the country. AFA also distributed the Alliance News newsletter and Alliance Alert, a fax service that alerted their members to pending legislation and how to get in contact with their senator or congressman.

Listed below are documents collected from Fly-In for Freedom conferences, Alliance Alerts, Alliance News newsletters, and various other documents from the Alliance for America organization.