Top Anti-Environmental Groups

A list of some of the most prominent and influential members of the wise-use and anti-environmental movement of the 1990's. These groups and individuals stood out due to their influence inside and outside of the movement.

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Alliance for America

Nearly every anti-environmental organization was a member of AFA during the wise-use movement.

Blue Ribbon Coalition

A recreation, timber, and oil industry trade association focused on keeping public lands open for business.

Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise

A wise-use think tank founded by Alan Gottlieb and directed by Ron Arnold.

Dixy Lee Ray

Served as chairman of the US Atomic Energy Commission under Nixon. Became a prominent figure of the wise-use movement in the 1990's.

American Farm Bureau Federation

The largest farm trade association in the US. Lobbies for the agriculture, chemical, food, and manufacturing industries.

Fred Singer

A scientist and professor from University of Virginia, famous for his climate change denial. Runs the Science & Environmental Policy Project.

Heartland Institute

The Heartland Institute is a Chicago based libertarian think tank founded in 1984.

Mountain States Legal Foundation

A conservative legal foundation that focuses on property-rights issues. They hosted the first wise-use conference in 1988.

People for the West!

One of the loudest voices of the wise-use movement. Opposed the endangered species act and fought for unfettered industry access to public lands.

Ron Arnold

Likely the most famous and lasting figure of the wise-use movement in the US. Arnold also played a large part in the Canadian Share Movement (almost identical to the US wise-use movement).

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