Anthony Kavanagh

Vice President - Governmental Affairs

Anthony Kavanagh is a lobbyist for American Electric Power (AEP).  Kavanagh grew up in New York and holds a bachelor's degree in government and politics from Manhattan College and a master's degree in public administration from the University of Southern California.

Kavanagh joined AEP in 1991 as director of federal agency affairs, was promoted to director of legislative affairs in 1994, and was nominated vice president of governmental affairs in 1999. As vice president, Kavanagh works with AEP's legislative affairs staff and AEP state presidents to "coordinate and implement the company's legislative agenda at the federal and state levels."

Source: AEP Press Release



Anthony Kavanagh has years of experience in lobbying numerous federal agencies on behalf of American Electric Power, specializing in preventing pollution regulation.  Kavanagh and his team spent over $7 million on lobbying for AEP in 2009 and are on par to eclipse that sum in 2010. 

In the interest of preventing federal regulation of coal ash, which AEP stores in numerous dangerous sites, Kavanagh attended a meeting at the White House alongside representatives from Duke Energy, Southern Company, Progress Energy, and other major industry groups.

Kavanagh assisted U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher amend climate legislation in 2009 to include more pro-coal provisions.

In support of the FutureGen project, Kavanagh lobbies the government for more carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) funding.  In 2008, Kavanagh oversaw the spending of $1 million to lobby for legislative support for FutureGen.

Kavanagh oversaw thousands of dollars of donations from AEP to politicians in 2008.  Among the many recipients were notable climate skeptics and deniers, such as John Boehner, Joe Barton, and James Inhofe.