WASHINGTON - Oil & Gas "Critical Infrastructure" Anti-Protest Bills

  • Posted on: 18 February 2019
  • By: Connor Gibson

See Full Report: State Bills to Criminalize Peaceful Protest of Oil & Gas "Critical Infrastructure"

2016 SB 5009:

  • Pre-filed Dec. 15, 2016

ICNL analysis:

Would target protests that disrupt roadways, railroads, and other “legally permitted economic activities.” The bill heightens penalties for illegal actions that aim to create economic harm by impeding legally-permitted economic activities. According to the bill, if a court finds that the perpetrator of another offense intended to cause economic disruption, his or her sentence can be extended 60 days for a misdemeanor, six months for a gross misdemeanor, and 12 months for a felony. The bill provides that those who fund or sponsor such actions can be charged as accomplices. The state senator who sponsored the bill indicated in November 2016 that it was drafted to respond to protests aimed at disrupting economic activities, which he deemed tantamount to “economic terrorism.”

ALEC legislators:

1 of 2 co-sponsors is a confirmed WA ALEC affilaite legislator: Sen. Doug Ericksen

More Information:

The Intercept: The Justice Department Helped A County Prosecutor Target The Facebook Records Of Anti-pipeline Activists, Simon Davis-Cohen, Jan. 14, 2018