Karen Crummy

"if you are really having a problem with certain reporter, go do some oppo research on them"
Communications Director, CRED

Communications Director, Protect Colorado, 2014-present

Strategic Communications Advisor, CRED 2014-present

Denver Post, 2002-2014

Listed as a principle for Blueprint Strategies


In May of 2016, Karen Crummy gave a presentation on "Crisis Communications" at a meeting of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC). The audience was a mix of state oil and gas regulators and industry lobbyists.

Crummy's advice on dealing with the press:

"I think a lot of times people still believe, don’t fight with people that buy ink by the barrel. Those days are over."

"And if you are really having a problem with certain reporter, go do some oppo research on them. Are they contributing to campaigns? Are they a member of a business or environmental group? Sometimes it’s just shocking. I did this a year and a half ago, someone at the Denver post put something on their Facebook page that showed their bias, and printed these things out and walked in to the editor’s office and said, seriously??  And they had to pull it down. That kind of stuff they do take very seriously."

"you know. I mean I wouldn’t go in necessarily starting out with a threat…but"
"Or tell a reporter you might want to go look at x. I can’t say anything but you might want to go look at that. And send them off to do that, which you know they would jump at the chance."

"And you can also try and get out information, if there’s a document, if there’s something that can substantiate what you want out, then leak it."

"This is something I do every day, trying to take gigantic studies and some of this complicated material and boiling it down to being this long. It’s tough but in this day in age, especially with the earthquakes explosions and spills."

Crummy's Advice on communicating with neighbors and press after an oil and gas disaster:

"If your neighbor calls and says “I want to know what’s going on” tell them you don’t know and you’re not sure."

"When all all hell breaks loose...get your official statement [ready], you know, “investigations on the way” when you don’t really have an answer"

"Almost make a game of it. If I had to describe this earthquake incident in six words, how would I do it."

Other Crummy quotes:

“It is political speech, it is advocating… Our job is to...really defeat these initiatives that we think are bad for the people of Colorado.”

"fear-mongering by environmentalists"

“What is the definition of clean air and water?”

"The fact there has been 4 studies done in the last 7 months from EPA, Yale, Ohio University, saying fracking is not hurting groundwater, it’s not contaminating anything



Karen Crummy is the chief spokesperson for Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED), a front group created by Anadarko and other oil and gas corporations to defeat ballot initiatives that would regulate fracking in Colorado. She also serves as spokesperson for Protecting Colorado's Environment, Economy, and Energy Industry, (Protect Colorado). Protect Colorado is the "politcal" arm for CRED, and works directly on ballot and politcal issues in Colorado. Both CRED and Protect Colorado are run by PAC/West Communications, a PR agency that specializes in creating front groups to help the oil and gas industry avoid regulations.

Crummy was recorded advising oil and gas groups to intimdate journalists writing about fracking by doing "oppo research" and embarassing them on social media.

Crummy's front groups CRED and Protect Colorado have spent millions in support of "Raise the Bar," an attempt to limit the ability for community groups to bring forward ballot initiatives. 

Karen Crummy participated in a daily podcast by the Heartland Institute, a group that denies the science of climate change. In the podcast, Crummy claims that oil and gas drilling and fracking has never caused contamination of water sources.

Karen Crummy gave a presentation at the annual business meeting of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) on "Crisis Comms." IOGCC is an industry funded group that advocates against regualtions of the oil and gas industry and helps corporate lobbyists gain access to oil and gas regulators.

Crummy has denied fracking’s links to earthquakes, as well as groundwater contamination. Oil and gas drilling, fracking and waste disposal has been definitively linked to earthquakes and water contamination.

As a reporter Karen Crummy downplayed republican SuperPAC in reporting: “Crummy’s report has been widely ridiculed by political insiders in the days since it appeared, as it not only appears to leave out GOP “Super PAC” spending like American Crossroads, but inexplicably downplays any other type of spending–such as 501(c)4 and other types of organizations that engaged for the GOP in races all over the state.“

Karen Crummy’s reporting on Governor Bill Ritter called ”shameful deceit”