Charles Koch University Funding Database

From Greenpeace's report: KOCH POLLUTION ON CAMPUS: Academic Freedom Under Assault from Charles Koch's $50 million Campaign to Infiltrate Higher Education.

UPDATE: Listen to an interview with the report's author on WPKN's Between the Lines with Scott Harris and KPFK's Background Briefing with Ian Masters.

This interactive database allows users to find grant information between Koch private foundations and colleges and universities. Greenpeace found that from 2005-2013, the Koch brothers have spent over $68 million on 308 colleges and universities (updated from initial report finding of $50 million to 254 schools, 2005-2012). Data is sourced from 990 IRS tax filings provided by the Charles Koch Foundation, the Charles Koch Institute, the Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation, and the now-defunct Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation. 

Additional references below document Charles Koch's influence over the education process, as explained by professorsstudentsreporters and watchdogs.

Charles Koch Foundation vs. Academic Freedom:

Before, and since, Greenpeace's 2014 report documenting Charles Koch and Academic Freedom issues on Koch-funded campuses, commentary has amassed from students and professors on impacted campuses, in addition to analyses from reporters, bloggers and researchers.

Professors discuss Koch-University arrangements that break academic freedom guidelines:

Students on Charles Koch grants violating academic freedom principles:

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Penn State University (PSU):

Suffolk University:

University of Dayton (UD):

University of Maryland, College Park (UMd):

University of Pennsylvannia (U-Penn):

Utah State University (USU):

Media reports documenting Charles Koch's disregard for academic freedom:

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Utah State University (USU):

West Virginia University (WVU):

Nonprofit & Watchdog Analyses of Koch Threats to Academic Freedom on Campus:

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SourceWatch has more information on Koch money at Universities and Academic Freedom implications.